Mike Marko Publishes a Post on Linkedin Strategy for Brands

July 24, 2019 - /PressAdvantage/ - Mike Marko of IM Consultant Services in Cincinnati, Ohio has just announced the publication of a new post about LinkedIn strategy for brands. He says that this article is for business owners who are looking for ways to get the maximum advantage for their businesses on LinkedIn. Marko claims that LinkedIn is now one of the most important social media marketing platforms for brands. He says it has grown its userbase to over 500 million in recent time, which demonstrates the reach a good marketing campaign can have on it. Today, many business owners use it to connect with other business owners and professionals and to boost their brand’s exposure.

“One of the social media channels that can help business owners reach potential clients and get true followers is LinkedIn,” Marko notes. However, he says that many businesses are struggling to come up with a Linkedin marketing strategy for their brands. He says he knows how that feels because he has been in that position before. He says this is what brought him to write his latest article, which reveals a number of steps that business owners can use to improve their LinkedIn marketing.

The first step that Marko discusses is establishing a professional business profile for a brand through LinkedIn. He says that it is important that a professional business profile be established if business owners want to start off their LinkedIn marketing on the right foot. When LinkedIn marketing is done right, professional followers will eventually turn into paying customers. Marko mentions that when establishing a business profile, it is important to have it completed since completing a company profile is among the easiest options for a Linkedin marketing strategy for B2B (business to business) and B2C (business to customer) brands.

Marko further notes that followers who are interested in the brand will check on a company profile first. Therefore, it is a must to have important details in a profile to help potential customers to know about the brand. Additionally, a high-resolution logo of the brand and cover image are important for establishing identity. Marko also advises his readers to fill the “About us” section with vital information about the company. A complete company profile boasting all of these elements is a necessary component of LinkedIn marketing. It helps business owners reach professional as well as potential LinkedIn users. Marko states that potentiality and professionalism are crucial in building a LinkedIn brand image.

The second strategy that Marko talks about is that of establishing a regular posting schedule. When customers see recent posts, that makes them think that an account is active. Marko reminds readers that it’s important that consistency in posting should also be seen in their profiles. He urges business owners to post brand content on a basis of at least 1 to 2 per week to keep viewers engaged. Marko further reminds readers that it is not just about regularly posting content but it is also about ensuring that the content being posted is informative and useful for audiences.

Using descriptive captions and noticeable, high-quality images helps to provide extra context for the content. Marko also notes that it can help grab people’s attention. Moreover, using hashtags is important in making the content more visible, especially to new audiences. On top of that, it is good to add questions, emojis, or bullet points to content for additional emotion on captions. Marko says that this strategy will increase business owners’ chances of engaging with audiences.

The next strategy that Marko notes is about engaging with employees and colleagues. He reminds business owners that employees and colleagues are the best people to engage with. For him, those are the most influential people that can help with a LinkedIn brand strategy. Marko further urges business owners to encourage their employees and colleagues to engage with their posts. Those employees and colleagues can do it by spreading the content to their own networks as well as mentioning the company’s name and the brand in their profiles.

Another way is to promote the company or brand beyond LinkedIn. Marko asserts that promotion across all digital platforms is important to consistently see growth. He further urges business owners to invite customers as well as other partners to become followers when they promote in Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, among others. These social media channels can help drive traffic and get more leads.

“The best LinkedIn strategy to boost a brand is to focus on making a company influential,” Marko asserts. He goes on to say that becoming an influencer is a great way to reach audiences and make a reputation. By doing that, business owners will have the chance to get more followers.

Marko’s IM Consultant Services is a company that has been helping small to medium-sized businesses for years now. This firm offers consultations to business owners that help them grow their businesses and to reach a better result for their marketing. Marko offers various informative posts about online marketing opportunities and similar topics for that purpose. He says that helping others to expand their businesses is his passion and he is esteemed as an expert in this field.

Marko encourages business owners to read through his blog and apply his marketing lessons. Marko with his team has assisted many business owners in setting up their marketing campaigns for various social media sites. Marko states that he will soon have additional posts that can further help business marketers with all of their campaigns. Those interested in learning more about marketing their businesses right away can also contact Marko and his company via email or phone.


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