How to Become a Bankruptcy Lawyer from a Bankruptcy Law Firm in Fort Walton Beach

November 22, 2019 - /PressAdvantage/ - Fort Walton Beach, FL ­– Lewis and Jurnovoy, a bankruptcy law firm in Fort Walton Beach, is sharing this month how to become a bankruptcy lawyer. Attorneys Martin Lewis and Steve Jurnovoy are passionate about helping their community and are excited about the opportunity to share how other people can help their communities in the same way.

The first step in becoming a bankruptcy lawyer according to Lewis and Jurnovoy is to obtain a bachelor’s degree. A bachelor’s degree is necessary to applying for law school. Lewis and Jurnovoy recommend researching the best bachelor’s degrees for law school before declaring a major. Many people assume majoring in Pre-Law or some variation thereof is the best course of action. However, since law has many specializations like bankruptcy law, there are different undergrads that are better suited to enter law school with. English, History, Business, and Political Science are all great bachelor’s degrees for someone wanting to become a lawyer.

The second step the Chapter 7 Bankruptcy lawyers in Fort Walton Beach describe is choosing the right law school. There are just over two hundred laws schools in America to choose from. Lewis and Jurnovoy recommend evaluating schools based on their location, cost, and rankings.

Location is an obvious factor in determining law school. A prospective lawyer who lives in Florida and wants to practice in Florida might not want to attend a law school in California. Another factor to think about is cost. Attending a law school out of state, may result on a loss of state grants, which could result in much higher tuition costs.

Ranking by U.S. News are highly valued in the professional world and are used to evaluate law schools. It would be wise for a future law student to read U.S. News reviews on law schools they’re considering attending.

The primary emphasis of their law firm is in the representation of individuals in Chapter 13 bankruptcy, Chapter 7 bankruptcy, mortgage foreclosures, mortgage modifications and protecting against abusive debt collectors. Their goal is to assist their clients and their families in protecting their assets while either eliminating their creditors or figuring out a manner in which to repay them.

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