Construction And Engineering

Officials estimate new international bridge to open in 2024

Sep 28, 2018

Officials say a timeline for building a new international bridge between Detroit and Windsor, Ontario, estimates that it will be open in late 2024

With grid now crowdsourced, digital maps can steer you wrong

Sep 28, 2018

Digital maps ... incredibly accurate, but vulnerable to crowdsourced hijinks

Malaysia's Mahathir: A portrait of the premier as an old man

Sep 28, 2018

After nearly a generation out of power, 93-year-old Malaysian PM clearly relishing return to power

Crews prep to shore up cracked San Francisco terminal beams

Sep 27, 2018

San Francisco officials said Thursday that crews have started work to shore up two cracked beams that shuttered a celebrated and newly opened $2 billion transit center

Polish PM forced to correct his criticism of previous govt

Sep 27, 2018

An aide says that Poland's prime minister is working on a court-ordered correction to the criticism he made of the previous ruling team, now in opposition

Fire strikes skyscraper under construction in Kuwait City

Sep 27, 2018

Skyscraper under construction for National Bank of Kuwait catches fire, sending 2,500 workers fleeing from blaze

Engineers search for cause in cracked beam at transit hub

Sep 27, 2018

San Francisco officials are struggling to find the source of unusual cracking in support beams that shut down a $2 billion transit center

The Latest: Temporarily shoring up 2 beams is a priority

Sep 26, 2018

A San Francisco official says his first priority is to shore up two cracking beams so a $2.2 billion transit center can re-open while engineers search for a permanent fix

Amnesty: Firm by Qatar 2022 World Cup site didn't pay wages

Sep 26, 2018

Amnesty International says contractor involved in projects around stadium for 2022 World Cup didn't pay its workers

Asian victors may find anti-China campaign vows hard to keep

Sep 26, 2018

Three Asian countries have elected leaders who promise to temper China's growing influence, but analysts say reducing Beijing's foothold won't be easy

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