What's fresh at McDonald's? The beef in some burgers

Mar 6, 2018

McDonald's is rolling out a big change: Swapping out frozen patties for fresh beef in some burgers

5 types of apples, once thought extinct, are rediscovered

Mar 6, 2018

Five types of apples once thought to be extinct have been rediscovered in northern Idaho and eastern Washington

Trump's boasts aside, trade wars typically leave no victors

Mar 5, 2018

Trump's boasts aside, here's why trade wars typically leave no victors

Dinner to go: Walmart to expand meal kits to more stores

Mar 5, 2018

Walmart says it's expanding its meal kits to more than 2,000 stores this year, after initially offering them in more than 250 stores

Yemeni immigrants focus on future in US amid war back home

Mar 5, 2018

Yemeni immigrants, focusing on their long-term future in US, are making their culture part of their businesses

Hogs v. humans: Neighbors fight back against swine waste

Mar 5, 2018

Civil trials over swine waste management begin next month against a subsidiary of the world's largest pork producer, and people are watching to see whether things will change in the country's No. 2 hog state.

Milk co-op mailing highlights suicide risk for dairy farmers

Mar 3, 2018

Milk cooperative mails mental health resources to members, highlighting suicide risk among dairy farmers

Washington Legislature phases out Atlantic salmon farming

Mar 3, 2018

The Washington Legislature has voted to phase out marine aquaculture of Atlantic salmon in the state

Nor'easter grounds flights, halts trains along East Coast

Mar 2, 2018

A major nor'easter pounding the East Coast with heavy rain, intermittent snow and strong winds is flooding streets, grounding flights and stopping trains

Ugly delicacy? Industry touts weird-looking Monkfish

Mar 1, 2018

Members of the fishing industry, regulators and environmentalists are trying to persuade U.S. consumers to eat more of a particularly weird-looking fish

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