Japan to revise northern Pacific sei whaling program

Oct 4, 2018

Japan says it will revise one of its two major research whaling programs after an international organization said bringing home and selling sei whale violates a convention protecting endangered species

Germany sees biggest wine harvest since '99 after hot summer

Oct 4, 2018

An industry group says German winemakers are on track for their biggest grape harvest in nearly 20 years after a long, hot summer that shriveled many other farmers' crops

Rainy harvest devastates Louisiana soybeans for 2nd year

Oct 3, 2018

A Louisiana congressman says the trade disputes with China are hurting the state's soybean farmers at a time when rain during harvest season has already hit them badly

Meet the farmers of the future: Robots

Oct 3, 2018

Meet the farmers of the future: Robots

AP Photos: To pick German wine, workers tread steep slopes

Oct 3, 2018

When the grapes are ripe in the vineyards along Germany's Mosel river, it's all hands to harvest

AP Explains: How NAFTA 2.0 will shake up business as usual

Oct 2, 2018

AP Explains: How NAFTA 2.0 will shake up business for farmers, carmakers, retailers and others

AP FACT CHECK: Trump on new trade deal with Canada, Mexico

Oct 1, 2018

AP FACT CHECK: Trump's grandiosity on new trade deal with Canada and Mexico

Gassy cows are bad for the planet; could seaweed diet help?

Sep 30, 2018

A New England-based aquaculture company is launching a drive to become the worldwide leader in an emerging effort to thwart climate change by feeding seaweed to cows

Hurricanes to bring back Whalers uniforms for 2 games

Sep 27, 2018

The Carolina Hurricanes will look like the old Hartford Whalers for a pair of games against an old New England rival

Japan to continue to push resumption of commercial whaling

Sep 27, 2018

A senior Japanese whaling negotiator says Tokyo will continue to push for a resumption of commercial whaling despite the recent defeat of its proposal by the International Whaling Commission

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