US, South African farmers cry fowl over Trump metal tariffs

Oct 16, 2018

President Trump's tariffs on steel and aluminum are jeopardizing an export deal with South Africa worth millions of dollars to American chicken farmers

The Latest: Trump hears from Georgia farmers on hurricane

Oct 16, 2018

President Donald Trump has heard from Georgia farmers whose crops were wiped out by Hurricane Michael

Trump marvels at hurricane damage, hears stories of struggle

Oct 15, 2018

President Donald Trump and his wife, Melania, listened to stories of survival and struggle as he surveyed the wreckage of Hurricane Michael in Florida and Georgia

Global warming to leave us crying in our costlier beer

Oct 15, 2018

A new study says global warming may leave people crying in their costlier beer

Juicy returns: Florida orange harvest up after long decline

Oct 12, 2018

Florida's orange crop is expected to grow for the first time in 7 years

Companies must pay $7M over misbranded pet food ingredients

Oct 11, 2018

Federal judge in St. Louis orders companies from Missouri and California to pay a combined $7 million for shipping ingredients containing poultry feathers and other misbranded items to pet food manufacturers

AP PHOTOS: In Pakistan, Ansa, 10, starts her day with prayer

Oct 11, 2018

AP PHOTOS: United Nations annual girl child day: 10-year-old Pakistani girl Ansa Khan starts each hectic day with a prayer

In boon for farmers, Trump to lift restrictions on ethanol

Oct 9, 2018

Trump plan to lift summertime restrictions on higher blends of ethanol in gasoline to benefit farm states

Trump to allow year-round sales of high-ethanol gasoline

Oct 9, 2018

Trump to allow year-round sales of gasoline with blends of 15 percent ethanol

AP FACT CHECK: Trump fudges history on black vote, drug cost

Oct 8, 2018

AP FACT CHECK: Trump miscasts history of black vote by overlooking past disenfranchisement, overstates his influence in controlling drug prices, distorts testimony of Kavanaugh's accuser

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